Welcome to the website of Los Toros the Argentinian grill restaurant since 1993.

Los Toros is a cozy restaurant located on the Lijnbaan in the heart of Rotterdam.

For 23 years many at Los Toros have enjoyed  “The best steak in town”.

 For steak lovers, at Los Toros you only eat tender steak from Aberdeen Angus cattle, guaranteed top quality meat. When you sit comfortably at the table, you will certainly get hungry when the delicious smell meets you, while our chef prepares your steak on a real charcoal grill.

If you are not a steak lover or if you want to try something different, you can of course choose from a choice of other meals that have at least the quality of our famous steaks. After all, preparing delicious food is our passion and specialty. Los Toros prepares your meal with the attention you deserve.

Los Toros offers you a rich assortment of delicious meat dishes. You can also drink a glass of delicious Argentinian red or white wine. We always prepare our dishes with fresh ingredients.

With us you can eat very simply, or enjoy a complete multi-course meal that you put together yourself on the basis of our extensive menu. It’s up to you to decide. At Los Toros, every customer is equally valuable and receives excellent service from us.

Los Toros welcomes you and wishes you a tasty meal.


Voorgerechten/ Entrees